paf workshop 2017
Was held in sydney australia
November 14th to 16th

Workshop Information

Helpful information about the PAF2017 workshop in Sydney

PAF2017 is over

Registration ticket includes; welcome reception, morning and afternoon teas, lunches and the workshop dinner.
Companion dinner ticket also includes welcome reception.

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The workshop will be held on site at CSIRO Astronomy and Space Science located at CSIROs Radiophysics laboratory Marsfield.

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Suggested accommodation both close to CSIRO site and in the city of Sydney.

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MRO Site Visit

We are planning to offer a visit to the MRO site in the week following the Workshop. It will be the participants responsibility to meet the tour in Perth WA. Further details and provisional costs are available here.

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Outline of Workshop Program.


This gathering focusses on phased array feed development for radio astronomy
We invite proposals to speak on these topics.

- Commissioning and early science observations from PAF telescopes,
- Element and array design with ultra-wide bandwidth,
- Analog and mixed-signal electronics,
- Traditional beam forming and innovative solutions,
- Beamformer calibration,
- Array characterization and testing,
- Sensitivity and field of view limits,
- Cryogenic PAFs,
- Systems integration,
- Telescope optics for PAFs,
- Imaging and lessons learned from PAF deployments.

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