August 14, 2017


Final Program

The book of abstracts can be downloaded here.

As presentations become available you can view the pdf version by clicking on the title. We are working on the audio from the workshop.

All sessions are held in the lecture theatre at CSIRO

Monday 13th November 2017

6:00PM - 8:00PMWelcome Reception: Please join us at the lounge bar MGSM Executive Hotel. Meet with colleagues, network, and enjoy light refreshments.

Tuesday 14th November 2017

8:00 AMRegistration
8:45 AMConference Opening
Sarah Pearce, Deputy Director CASS
8:55 AMLogistic information
9:00 AMTechnical Session 1
Chair: Lisa Locke
9:00 AM A New PAF Receiver Using XILINX RFSOC Technology
G.A. Hampson, J.D. Bunton, A. Brown, R. Beresford and J. Tuthill
9:30 AM A Radio Astronomy L-Band Phased Array Feed System using RF over Fibre PASSWORD REQUIRED
Ron Beresford, Dick Ferris, Wan Cheng, Grant Hampson, John Bunton,
Aaron Chippendale and Jega Kanapathippillai
10:00 AMAn S-band Cryogenic Phased Array Feed for the Lovell Telescope: RF
Mark McCulloch, Michael Keith and Simon J. Melhuish
10:30 AMMorning Tea / Coffee Break
11:00 AMTechnical Session 2
Chair: Mark Bowen
11:00 AMStudy towards cryo-cooled Phased Array RADAR Systems
Andreas Froehlich, Marco Tiesing, Nadya Ben Bekhti, Felix Koenig,
Sergiy Putselyk, Lukas Naumann and Florian Rahlf
11:30 AM PAF Telescope Technology for 5G Base-Stations PASSWORD REQUIRED.
U. Johannsen, T.A.H. Bressner, A.A.H.M. Elsakka, R. Maaskant, M. Ivashina and A.B. Smolders
12:00 AMInvited Speaker
The Development of Focal Plane Arrays in Radio Astronomy
Ron Ekers & John O'Sullivan
12:40 PMLunch Break
1:45 PMTechnical Session 3
Chair: Bruce Veidt
1:45 PMThe cloverleaf antenna array on CHIME
Meiling Deng
2:15 PMCryoPAF: a 2.8 – 5.18GHz Cryogenic Phased Array Feed Receiver
Lisa Locke, Vlad Reshetov, Doug Henke, Frank Jiang, Gordon Lacy,
Bruce Veidt, Gary Hovey
2:45 PM Update of Phased Arrays for Reflector Observing Systems
Lei Liu, Keith Grainge and Michael Keith
3:15 PMGroup Photo before afternoon tea
3:30 PMAfternoon Tea / Coffee Break
4:00 PMTechnical Session 4 Chair Brian Jeffs
4:00 PMA New 1Tbps Ethernet Streaming Data Interface Between FPGA and GPU Based Digital Signal Processing Systems for a Phased Array Feed
Daniel George, John Tuthill, Andrew Brown, Chris Phillips, Ron Beresford, Mark Leach, Tasso Tzioumis, Mia Baquiran, Grant A. Hampson and John D. Buntonn Yang and Miroslav Pantaleev
4:30 PMStudy Of The Dish Optics For Phased Array Feed
Wu Yang, Du Biao, Niu Shengpu and Jin Chengjin
5:00 PMPhased Array Feed (PAF) Design for the LOVELL Antenna based on the Octagonal Ring Antenna (ORA) Array
Ming Yang, Yongwei Zhang, Laith Danoon and Anthony Brown
5:30 PMEnd of Day 1. Free Evening

Wednesday 15th November 2017

8:45 AM Coffee
9:15 AM Technical Session 5
Chair: Gundolf Wieching
9:15 AMMaking Robust Beamformer Weights by Interpolating in the Frequency Domain
A. P. Chippendale, K. Bannister and G. Hellbourg
9:45 AMAdvancements in PAF Correlator and Beamformer Systems
G.A. Hampson, J.D. Bunton, A. Brown, J. Tuthill and G. Schoonderbeek
10:15 AM Beamformer and Calibration Performance for the Focal-plane L-band Array feed for the Green Bank Telescope (FLAG)
B. D. Jeffs, K. F. Warnick, R. A. Black, M. Ruzindanna, M. Burnett, D. J. Pisano, D. R. Lorimer, N. Pingel, K. Rajwade, R. M. Prestage, S. White, B. Simon, L. Hawkins, W. Shillue and A. Roshi
10:45 AMMorning Tea / Coffee Break
11:15 AM Technical Session 6
Chair: Alex Dunning
11:15 AM Specifying Polarisation Properties For Radio Telescopes
Bruce Veidt
11:45 AMResults From The Astronomical Commissioning Of APERTIF
Tom Oosterloo, Apertif Team
12:15 PM New-Generation Radio Telescopes: Challenges in Instrumental Calibration
Wasim Raja
12:45 PM Lunch
1:45 PM Technical Session 7
Chair: Keith Grainge
1:45 PM System Performance Characterisation Of WSRT-APERTIF
Boudewijn Hut, Wim van Cappellen
2:15 PM Status Of The AFAD-C Project
Bruce Veidt, Tom Burgess, Aaron Beaulieu, Leo Belostotski, and James Haslett
2:45 PM A Highly Sensitive Focal L-Band Phased Array Feed for the Green Bank Telescope: Electromagnetic Model and Results
D. Anish Roshi, W. Shillue, B. Simon, S. White, R. Prestage, J. Diao, K.
F. Warnick, B. Jeffs, D. J. Pisano, D. Lorimer, T. Boyd, J. Castro, J. R.
Fisher, W. Groves, M. Morgan, L. Hawkins, L. Jensen, J. D. Nelson, J.
Ray, V. van Tonder
3:15 PMAfternoon Tea / Coffee Break
3:45 PMMarsfield Site Tour
Guides: Ken Smart, John Tuthill, Alex Dunning
5:30 PMBus from CSIRO to Pier 26 Wharf (outside Sydney Aquarium)
7:00 PMWorkshop Dinner – Harbour Cruise - included in registration.
If you wish to purchase a Companion dinner ticket please do so via the registration link.
10:30 PMDisembark Pier 26 Wharf – Individual arrangements.

Thursday 16th November 2017

8:45 AM Coffee
9:15 AM Technical Session 8
Chair: Bill Shillue
9:15 AM PHAROS2 Phased Array Feed: Warm Section, signal transportation and iTPM digital backend
A. Navarrini, J. Monari, A. Melis, R. Concu, A. Scalambra, A.
Maccaferri, A. Cattani, P. Ortu, G. Naldi, J. Roda, F. Perini, G.
Comoretto, M. Morsiani, A. Ladu, S. Rusticelli, A. Mattana, L.
Marongiu, M. Schiaffino, E. Carretti, A. Saba, F. Schillirò, E. Urru, G.
Pupillo, K. Zarb Adami, A. Magro and R. Chiello
9:45 AMAn S-band cryogenic phased array feed for the Lovell Telescope: cryogenics
Simon J. Melhuish, Michael Keith and Mark McCulloch
10:15 AM A Proposed Cryogenic PAF for Parkes
James Green
10:45 AMMorning Tea / Coffee Break
11:15 AM Technical Session 9
Chair: Stephanie Smith
11:15 AM The SKA Observatory Development Programme and Phased Array Feed Development
M.A. Bowen
Astronomy with PAFs on ASKAP
Dave McConnell
12:25 PM Lunch
1:30 PM Wrap -Up
Chair: Douglas Hayman
3:00 PMAfternoon Tea / Coffee Break
3:30 PM SKA PAF AIP Consortium Meeting – Faraday Room
Chair: Steve Barker
PMEnd of Workshop